Experience the Wonders of Dinosaurland Utah


Utah is considered to be one of the most significant states in the country with regards to the number of excavated skeletal remains of dinosaurs. This is because most of the more unusual fossils are found at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, which is why the state is termed as Dinosaurland Utah. The number of excavated dinosaur fossils is increasing since excavation has started as early as 1909.The number of attractions of Dinosaurland Utah is considered to be many and includes some significant tourist spots.

Museum of Ancient Life

A trip to Dinosaurland Utah is not complete without a side visit to the Museum of Ancient Life located in Thanksgiving Point. The reason for this is that the museum houses one of the largest collections of dinosaur bones in the world. Most of the displayed skeletons in Dinosaurland Utah are found and excavated from the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Dinosaur National Monument

The most popular place in the Dinosaurland Utah itinerary is the dinosaur national monument since it includes a 200-foot long sandbar. What makes it interesting is that numerous animal and plant fossils were discovered in the area. Located at Jensen, Utah, the beauty of the park is that visitors will be able to imagine how dinosaur skeletons are discovered and uncovered in the various trails. This is due to the fact that more than 350 tons of rocks, fossils, and completed skeletons have already been excavated since 1909.

Children, adults, and academics are allowed to participate in the various interactive exhibits located in the Quarry Exhibit Hall since it features their favorite topic: dinosaurs. However, even though most visitors are concentrating on Dinosaurland Utah, there are other offered activities such as backcountry adventures, scenic drives, and mapped hikes. The most significant adventure offered by rangers is the whitewater thrills from the Yampa and Green River.


Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum

The Dinosaurland Utah museum features the geologic past of eastern Utah as well as its history but its main attractions are the museum and garden. Most visitors prefer to see the Dinosaur Garden since it features 17 full-sized replicas of dinosaurs from the Pennsylvania era to the Pleistocene. The replicas as made by sculptor Elbert Porter during the 70s. The most recent acquisition in 1993 is the Ceolophysis made by artist David Thomas.


The Dinosaurland Utah museum displays biological, archeological, geologic, and paleontologic specimens found in the Uinta Mountains and Basin. The exhibit ranges from as early as three billion years of history and includes the life and works of Fremont Indians from 700 to 1250 AD.

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