Fun Activities in Zion Utah

Fun Activities in Zion Utah

Park City may be considered as a popular winter area for residents and visitors alike, but Zion Utah is its polar opposite. The reason for this is that the snowcapped landscapes in Zion Utah are also a photographers dream especially in the winter season. Most of the photographic scenery is due to the massive canyon walls that are backed against brilliant blue skies.

Springdale Fruit Company

Visitors in Zion Utah are encouraged to pass by the Springdale fruit company since it has a lovely picnic area located against a background of apple trees. In case of a spontaneous picnic, visitors will be able to purchase necessary food items from its small market. Local residents also prefer to pass by the area due to the fact that freshly-grown produce and food are also sold in the small market.

Zion National Park


Most Zion Utah visitors go to the Mountain Trading Post located at the east entrance since numerous gifts and souvenirs are for sale. Some of the more popular souvenirs bought at the store are statues, Indian artifacts, hats, and baskets. Hiking products are also sold at the store such as water, energy bars, band-aids, and even gloves.

Hiking Activities


At the western segment of the Zion Utah Park is Angel’s Landing, the most striking geologic formation. Its base is easily reached either by hiking or horseback riding but unfortunately for new hikers, the trail is considered to be very demanding. The fastest route is still through the West Rim Trail but is considered to be treacherous to hike. Therefore, children and hikers who are afraid of heights are not recommended to go since the trail will pass by through a ledge or extreme drop-offs. Hikers in Zion Utah are required to wear appropriate footwear since they will scramble up the last segment using chains. The entire hike is estimated to be finished at 4 hours.

The Narrows of Zion Utah is considered to be the most popular trail but is the most dangerous due to flash floods. The beauty of the trail is that visitors are hiking in the Virgin River, which includes some amazing view of local flora and fauna of Zion Utah. Most campers and hikers consider this the highlight of their trip due to the amazing photos taken early in the day. By mid-afternoon most beginner and experienced photographers will have a hard time taking photos due to the high number of hikers.

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