Fun Tourist Spots of St. George



Fun Tourist Spots of St. George

St. George is considered to be an artful mixture of manmade and natural attractions as well as being the oldest American settlement. Some of the most noted tourist attractions are the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site Museum, St. George Temple, Pioneer Park, and the St. George Children’s Museum.

Dinosaur Fever

A noted stopover for dinosaur enthusiasts is the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site Museum since it has one of the longest dinosaur tracks in the world. The early Jurassic track site is considered to be a good study site by academics especially when it comes to studying the migrating habits of these long dead creatures. Unfortunately for dinosaur enthusiasts, the building does not have a huge collection of dinosaur skeletons since it specializes in featuring other plants and fauna of these Jurassic creatures.

St. George Temple


The majestic beauty of the white-colored temple is enhanced since it is centrally located in the middle of the city. What makes it unusual is that it is considered to be one of the oldest structures since its construction is made over a period of years and completed only in 1877. The beauty of the temple is due to the high craftsmanship of the pioneers especially when taking into consideration that these are primarily made from black lava rock as red sand. The historical significance of the structure is that the materials used in building the temple are considered to be indigenous materials.

St. George Pioneer Park


One of the most photogenic areas in St. George is Pioneer Park since it is composed of red rocks naturally formed into different formations. Parents especially love the park since children are allowed to climb the various rock formations with minimal danger. Beginner climbers and hikers see the park as a good training ground due to the different difficulty levels of each rock formation.

Children’s Museum

There is no standard fee required to enter the St. George children’s museum since it only asks for a donation for its upkeep. The beauty of the museum is that it offers different activities that cater to the various interests of children. The exhibits teaches children how various businesses operates and includes farms, banks, airports, post offices, and even an auto shop. This is because the museum staff encourages the children to play with the various exhibits. The most popular exhibit for both children and adults alike is the recording studio since they can sing their favourite soundtracks.


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