Highway 24 of Capitol Reef National Park

Highway 24, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah USA

The different features of the various national parks of Utah have been generously included in the Capitol Reef National Park. This is because the Capitol Reef National Park has not only cliffs and canyons but also sandstone formations such as the spires found in Bryce Canyon National Park. However, what makes the Capitol Reef National Park unusual is that is has a bulge-like formation called the Waterpocket Fold at 100-miles long.

The main scenic viewpoint of Capitol Reef National Park is Panorama Point since it overlooks Sulphur Creek. This viewpoint is located at the end of the road south of Highway 24, which is near Chimney Rock. Most visitors are recommended to hike only a short distance along the canyon rim in order to improve their dramatic view of the Capitol Reef National Park.

West of the visitor center of Capitol Reef National Park is Chimney Rock, which is described as a towering stone steeple. This is a good moderate hiking trail since it is only 3.5 miles to the top of the rock from the parking area of the visitor center. The benefit of this hike is that it provides outstanding views of the Capitol Reef National Park.

The most popular photographic spot is at the eastern border of Highway 24 since this is where Fremont River Waterfall is located. The waterfall is not easily seen from the parking area since a short hike is needed to go down to the canyon before going up to the waterfall.

East of the visitor center within the Capitol Reef National Park is the Fruita Historic District. This community is a good photogenic opportunity since it includes historic structures such as the Gifford Homestead and Behunim Cabin. The presence of the fruit orchards along the highway also enhances photo opportunities especially when the trees are bearing fruits.

Children are especially welcome to the Capitol Reef National Park since there are various rock art carved by members of the Fremont Culture on the sheer cliff. Most of these are carvings are done on several rock panels, which can be easily seen using the viewing decks and boardwalks. Near the petroglyphs is the Hickman Bridge, which is a natural bridge located near Highway 24. The stone structure can be seen at close view via a short hike and lasts only 1 mile from the starting point. The problem for amateur hikers this is that the trail is considered as a moderate hike due to some steep spots.


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