The Great Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park is popular for being one of the largest and most appealing National Parks of the United States. Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, 18 kilometers wide and 1.6 Kilometers deep and is a great collision of colors and natural rock formations that makes it unique and pleasing to see.

North and South Rims

The Grand Canyon is divided into two main rims, or regions which are the North and South Rims. South Rim is considered as the most accessible and most visited site of the park as it is open all year, unlike the North Rim. The south rim is also home to:

  • Grand Canyon Village. This is also called the lodging area where not only you can book for a place to rest and relax but where you could also eat at a couple of restaurants and try activities, such as:
    • Cycling
    • Bird watching
    • Hiking
    • Fishing
    • Stargazing
    • Shuttle Bus Tours
    • Nature Walks
    • Mule rides
    • River Rafting
    • And also join in lessons conducted by some Park Rangers
    • Hermit Road. One of the areas of the Grand Canyon that is popular among cyclists and trekkers. Walking tours are also available here where you’ll get to walk along a group from Pima Point all the way to the Trailview Overlook.
    • Desert View Drive. The Desert View Area meanwhile is the Canyon’s very own high street or area for shoppers. It is full of marketplaces, bookstores and restaurants and also boasts of some campsites and the famous Watchtower where in you can see an overhead view of the whole Grand Canyon National Park.


The North Rim area of the Grand Canyon, meanwhile, is popular only during summertime and is not that accessible to the public. Restaurants are popular in the place and so are mule rides for those who would like to try.

The Bright Angel Trail

The Bright Angel Trail is one of the things that make Grand Canyon even more special as it is a trail that was established by pre-historic occupants of the area. Traversing the said route would make you feel like you are re-visiting history and you’d also get to see the Indian Springs earlier than other campers could. Going to the said trails is definitely a wonderful experience that makes your stay in Grand Canyon National Park even more unforgettable and worthwhile.

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