Check out Moab Monument Valley

Full of Sandstone buttes which are the largest ones in the world, Utah’s Moab Monument Valley, also called the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, is found in the Colorado Plateau and is a great place for hiking, trekking, and even shooting films. When people think of the American West or Western movies, the scenic Moab Monument Valley always comes to mind.


What to do in the area

Upon visiting Moab Monument Valley, you may pay an access fee to drive along the park and check out Mystery Valley, one of the best areas for sightseeing in the world. Mystery Valley is named as such because it is as if it’s a hidden gem as it cannot be seen at first glance. Spines, mesas, and Anasazi Ruins are also prominent in the area. You may also see the Hunts Mesa, which can be found at the southeastern edge of Moab Monument Valley and is famous for its many sand dunes.

Perfect for Location Shoots

As said earlier, the Moab Monument Valley has been used as a location for a lot of films in the past and present. Movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones, Lone Ranger, After Earth, The Great American West, Con-Air, Thelma and Louise, Rio Grande, and Warlock, amongst others have all shot on location in Moab Monument Valley because of the great topography of the area. When you visit the place, you may also check out locations where these films have been shot, such as Potash Lower Colorado Scenic Blueway, Dead Horse Point Blueway, North Highway 191 and South Highway 191, as well. Guided tours are available for your convenience and so that you can learn more about the said locations. A film museum is also located in Moab Monument Valley where you can see artifacts, props and costumes from films that have been shot there. If you are a movie buff or if you love history, then this certainly is the place for you to see.

Brand new scenery

Aside from the fact that a lot of films have been shot in Moab Monument Valley, you’ll also get to enjoy awesome Navajo cuisine in the many restaurants located around the area plus get to buy some arts and crafts from the locals, as well. If you’re looking for something fun to do during your vacation and get a glimpse of Utah’s arts and culture, check out Moab Monument Valley because you certainly won’t regret it.

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