Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase.


The Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase is one of the many National Monuments that is located in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in Utah. Because of the stair-like sequence of sedimentary rocks that are prominent in the area from Bryce Canyon to Zion National Park, Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase is likened to a great staircase made by men, when in truth, it’s a natural formation and that’s why it is quite pleasing and magnificent to see.

A Profound History

One of the things that make Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase special is the fact that large dinosaur skeletons were discovered in the area in the late 1880’s. This makes the belief in dinosaurs even more real and since then, excavators and archaeologists always frequent the area to check for more relics of fossils from years gone by.

The Three Regions

The Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase monument is divided into three sub-regions, which are:

  • Canyons of the Escalante. Made from landforms brought upon by erosion from the Escalante River, this region is vast in Canyon walls, domes, arches, pedestals and water pockets and extends over 1500 square miles. The famous Aquarius Plateau, one of the best land formations in Utah, is also located here.
  • Grand Staircase. This is one of the most talked about regions of Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase as is boasts of rock formations such as the White Cliffs, Pink Cliffs, Gray Cliffs, Chocolate Cliffs and Vermilion Cliffs which makes for great picture-taking sessions as they are all colorful and full of ridges. These unique cliffs are some of the most visited places in Utah.
  • Kaiparowits Plateau. Another elevated landform located in Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase, this one is totally visible from the skyline and always gets the attention and admiration of many. Many sandstone flat formations are also seen in this area of the Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase.


What to do in the area

You’ll never get bored while at the Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase. Aside from seeing cliffs and great topography, you can also go hiking at Lower Calf Creek Falls, or explore the canyons in Hole in the Rock Road. Groups can check out centers Escalante, Cannonville or Big Water for promos and tours. Thrill-seekers and mountain climbing enthusiasts will surely love Flaming Gorge Grand Staircase, and you certainly will, too. A visit to the area will remind you how beautiful Utah is and how great and important rock formations are.

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