Social Activities in Park City


Park City is only 35 minutes by car from Salt Lake City but its ambience is perceived to be significantly different from the main city. This is due to the fact that Park City was previously known as a main mining town of the United States. However, it is now considered as a trendy winter spot. One of the most popular places for tourists is the Main Street of the Historic Old Town since it houses a collection of the most prestigious art galleries as well as gift stores, restaurants, and boutiques; though most of the visitors have a more difficult time walking the main street because they are sprawled across a span of over 7,000 meters.

Winter Fun


Sports enthusiasts consider Park City as a good place to visit especially during the winter season. This is because most visitors of the city are playing winter sports at the three world-class ski resorts located nearby. One of the most popular is Deer Valley since it caters to both amateur and professional skiers due to the variety of runs as well as a no snow-boarder rule. Deer Valley was the host of the 2002 Winter Olympics since the highest elevation is at 2,920 meters while its base is at 2,000 meters.

Most of the Park City visitors are normally seen at the various ski slopes of the resorts during the day but the nightlife is nothing to sneeze at. This is due to the numerous restaurants that cater to the different palates of food enthusiasts, which includes the classic hamburgers to gourmet creations.

Sundance Fever

2004 Sundance Film Festival

However, the popularity of Park City is due to the fact that it hosts the annual Sundance Film Festival during January. This is considered to be a significant week residents of Park City and celebrity fans since popular actors and actresses are seen strolling the streets. Celebrity buffs can even eat in the same restaurants with their favorite actor, actress, or director.

But what makes it a treat for Park City residents and visitors is the chance to see independent films developed by young filmmakers. The independent films are not only limited to domestic filmmakers but also international ones as well. Unfortunately, a majority of the submitted films are rejected since only 200 of the best films will be shown during the Sundance Festival. Thus, new and talented directors make it a point to visit Park City during the festival.


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