Outdoor Recreation Activities in Arches National Park


arches national park

Some of the most beautiful natural sceneries are found in the Arches National Park since it has the largest number of natural stone arches in the world at over 2,000. The structures in Arches National Park are composed of pinnacles, spires, fins, balanced rocks, and arches amid a startling background of a red and arid desert.

The Arches National Park is located at southeast of Utah near the town of Moab. Regular visitors are thrilled with new discoveries since the arches are scattered through the park. One of the most popular arches in the Arches National Park is the delicate arch since it only requires the tourist to make a 3 mile hike to reach its base. However, one of the most spectacular and difficult to finish is the fiery furnace path since it requires a park guide. The reason for this is due to the numerous dead ends and narrow passages of the labyrinth path as well as going through numerous large sandstone boulders and towering canyons.


Camping is a good nature activity offered by Arches National Park with the main campground located at Devils Garden. Campground benefits is that it has potable water, pit-style grills, and flush toilets for those planning friend or family type trips. The campground is a good base to explore the Arches National Park since it has a scenic and majestic background while overlooking the landscape arch.

Basic Hikes

arches national park 2

Some of the most basic hikes are those in the east side of Arches National Park where Balanced Rock is located. The advantage of hiking these trails is that there is no elevation change while giving a close up view of the Turret Arch, Double Arch, The Windows, and The Parade of Elephants. The most photogenic and interesting of these arches is the Parade of Elephants since it looks as if a herd of elephants are walking in single file and holding each other’s tail. The Double arch is another spectacular structure since it was developed using downward water erosion when compared to the other arches that are developed with side-to-side water erosion.

Rock Climbing

Due to the number of arches found in Arches National Park these are considered to be a good destination for rock climbing enthusiasts. However, most of these arches are considered to be only allowable for advanced climbers using established trails. The reason using established trails is that no permanent climbing hardware is allowed to be installed to protect the arches from physical damage.


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