Wendover Zion National Park


Coasting along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, you will immediately see why this road was named as such: the view is indeed scenic. With wild flora sprouting out of spectacular towering cliffs, interspersed every now and then by sights of surreal geological landscapes, it’s no wonder why Wendover Zion National Park is a favorite destination by visitors looking for some time with nature.

Bound by the cities of Springdale, Ordervi, and Cedar City in Utah, Wendover Zion National Park is an expansive park that covers a total land area of 146,597 acres. It is an important geological spot and a historic area that has been home to Native Americans for 8,000 years.

Canyon walls, high plateaus, sandstone canyons, rock towers, and spectacular gorges are just some of the geographical features that make Wendover Zion National Park a great starting point for adventures with the family and friends. The park has a total of nine formations that are a product of natural sedimentation processes that started as far back as 150 million years ago. To this day, these same processes continue to shape the geological features of Wendover Zion National Park.

Some of the most visited spots at the Wendover Zion National Park include the Temples and Towers of the Virgin, the Kolob Terrace, Kolob Canyons, and Checkerboard Mesa. Some of these places were the subject of the lenses of famed photographer Ansel Adams.


Unlike the usual practice in other parks where guests stay at the rim to take a panoramic view of the entire place, the norm for many visitors at the Wendover Zion National Park is to go down on the canyon floor. From the bottom, they then look up to behold a majestic view of the surrounding monoliths and cliffs.

When at the Wendover Zion National Park, make sure to drop by the Zion Human History Museum. Orientations about the park, its history, and features are done here twice an hour. Exhibits about human activity in the park are also on display here.

Otherwise, guests to Wendover Zion National Park are treated to a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. These include climbing, canyoneering, backpacking, as well as hiking along any of the park’s excellent trails. The most famous of these trails is called The Narrows, which traverses the North Fork of the Virgin River. This 16-mile off-trail affords magnificent views of towering rock walls and clear river water.

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